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speak to us 0161 667 4330

speak to us 0161 667 4330

why us?

  • Highly experienced team
  • Entrepreneurial, flexible and responsive
  • Strack record
  • Always available to you
  • Efficient and timely process
  • Industry leading proprietary software

Pay Group delivers a service utilising the best in the following criteria:
Technology, Transparency, Honesty, Training, Service, Commitment

Our values and benefits are transferred to the Recruitment industry and therefore your business model can only benefit


We use the best technology available; we believe in embracing advances in technology to the full.


We encourage learning and development; we invest time in both our employees and clients. We are committed to empowering you.


No hidden agenda; our services are described in plain English and we can provide complete audit trails and reports


Our mission statement; the entire ethos of our business revolves around our desire to provide every possible payroll service on time with the best customer experience possible.


Trust is paramount; we ensure all the right things get done, get done properly and in a timely manner.


We are totally committed to all of the above.