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speak to us 0161 667 4330

disaster recovery

At Pay Group we know we have one job to do and that is to pay our contractors, we can only do this by ensuring that we always have access to the internet and to the systems that collect and make payments.

With Technology being at our core we have endeavoured to make disaster recovery one of our top priorities. All of our onsite servers are mirrored with server’s located offsite with our core database being backed up every 15 minutes. We have 2 data signals to our office, one being a fixed line and one over the air hosted by different suppliers.

In the event of a major disaster to our office our service will move offsite with no down time. And should an external issue happen with our internet we have multiple ways to continue working.

Meaning we have unparalleled resilience to almost any situation and both our contractors and agencies need never worry that we can continue to pay our contractors on time.